The evening of the 3rd of March, 2018 was



deed a memorable one for those who were

present at the Chowdaiah Memorial Hall to

witness the extravagance of Indian classical mu


sic brought to us by Bhoomija. As the evening

sky dissolved into the enveloping darkness of

the night, the two genres of Carnatic and Hin


dustani music blended together in synchronised

unison. Ranjani and Gayatri in collaboration

with Kaushiki Chakraborty presented a Jugal


bandi that was power packed and full of alacrity.

This concert was the brainchild of Gayathri

Krishna of Bhoomija as she sought to bring in

the most celebrated artists of both the streams

of Indian classical music on to one stage; the

result being a pure bliss to all the rasikas. The

artists were ably accompanied by Vittala Rangan

on the V

iolin, Sai Giridhar on the Mridanga,

Tanmay Deochake on the harmonium and

Sandeep Ghosh on the Tabla.

The concert began with each of them present


ing a piece in each of their respective forms.

First, the strains of raag behag filled the air as

Kaushiki Chakraborty sang a mellifluous alap

accompanied by a composition in madhya lay

Jhaptaal ‘

chinta na karare

’ and a fast paced ban


dish ‘

dhoom dhaam kar aayi

’. To compliment that,

the Ranjani Gayatri sisters embarked upon their

journey by delving deep into the subtle intrica


cies of the raga Poorvikalyani and after alapana

in the raga, proceeded to sing one of Saint Tya


Lalitha Kala Tarangini - Mar 2018


An evening of effervescent creativ



Anagha Yoganand

Ranjani, Gayatri and Kaushiki Chakraborty performing for Bhoomija (Photo Courtesy, Dhanraj)

garaja’s compositions ‘


’ much

to the delight of the rasikas present. The neraval

and kalpana swarams were sung for the line

Paramatmudu Jeevatmudu

’ and the improvisation

was crafted skilfully by the artists with the pro


ficient accompaniment on the mridanga by Vid


wan Sai Giridhar.

The much awaited part of the concert where all

the three artists on stage came together per


fectly in unison took form as the artists paired

the ragas Bageshree and Sri Ranjani and elabo


rately explored the ragas. Where Kaushiki opt


ed for a composition in teental

Aao sajao


’, the sisters rendered ‘

Bhuvini Dasudane

and each raga was alternatively explored to


gether in a deluge of taans and swaras, elevating

the audience to a whole new level and creating

an electrifying atmosphere.

The piece which succeeded was a Ragam Tanam

Pallavi in the raga Charukeshi. After detailed and

ornamented raga alapana by all the three artists,

a flurry of riveting tanams left the audience be


witched. Special mention should be made of

Vittala Rangan on the violin for his ingenuity.

The pallavi was sung keeping the spirit of Holi. A

line from Jayadeva’s ashtapadi on Rasa Leela in

chatushra jathi triputa tala ‘

Priye chaarusheele

was chosen as the pallavi by Ranjani and Gayatri.

To go with this, Kaushiki chose a line echoing

similar sentiments ‘

Radha Govindam Bhaje man


in madhyalay teental. After a detailed neraval


kalpana swaras involving grahabhedam and

ragamalika, the tani avarthanam followed. Due

credits need to be given to Sai Giridhar and

Sandeep Ghosh who led the audience into a

rhythmic trance with their alluring layam pat



A thumri, ‘

Rang Darungi nand ke lalan pe

’ was

what followed next. It lended a festive and a

sprightly feeling as the song was based on the

theme of Holi. Tanmay Deochake’s lilting phras


es on the harmonium during the alap engaged

the rasikas and arrested their attention. An ex


plosive end was given to this sublime musical

treat with the rendition of the Madhuvanti

tillana by Lalgudi Jayaraman where the raga was

beautifully handled captivating the audience and

the rasikas in complete awe.

This confluence of melodic harmony was a feast

to all those present and as the concert came to

a close, the rasikas left the hall humming the

tunes that were lingering in their minds, no

doubt, desiring to relive those three hours a

couple more times.

Lalitha Kala Tarangini - Mar 2018


Dr. R Sathyanarayana was

honoured with the



award by the Hon.

President Ram Nath

Kovind on 19th March,


Kalavanta 2018 Awardees

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